George Lucas and the Digital Revolution

Michael Rubin


Michael Rubin at Skywalker Ranch, 1987

The author at Skywalker Ranch, 1987

Michael Rubin is an educator, author, filmmaker and entrepreneur. After graduating from Brown University with a degree in neuroscience, he began his career at Lucasfilm's Droid Works. From 1985-1994 he designed editing equipment and edited feature films and television shows in Hollywood. Since then, Rubin has lectured internationally, from Montreux to Beijing, and has published a number of texts on editing for professionals as well as consumers, including Nonlinear (presently in its 4th edition).

The author in a box, and with little hair, 2004

author, 2005

In 1993 he and his wife co-founded Petroglyph Ceramic Lounge, an "experiential" retail business that is centered on creativity-painting bisque ceramics-and it catalyzed a national phenomenon in "contemporary ceramics" studios. In 1999, with the release of Apple's Final Cut Pro, Rubin returned to editing tools, but solely focused on consumer education. Between 1999 and 2004 Rubin wrote four books on digital video, designed an online curriculum for Columbia University and the American Film Institute, and on occasion consulted for Sony and Apple regarding video literacy. Since 2006, Rubin has been the Director of Community Experiences at Netflix.

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